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The Beauty of Holiness

J. B. Nicholson Jr.


Enjoying LEVITICUS A Few Minutes At A Time

Is it the easiest book in the Bible to read? Not exactly. Why should we study it? It was God’s social contract with Israel that made them unique among all other nations in history. It was our Lord’s blueprint, perfectly followed to “fulfill all righteousness” (Mt 3:15). And it’s also God’s picture book illustrating divine truth, as explained by the New Testament. So let’s begin our exploration!

J. B. Nicholson Jr.

Jabe Nicholson, Canadian-born, makes his home in Starkville, Mississippi. He and his wife, Louise, are blessed with seven children. Having been involved in Christian publishing for a number of years, Mr. Nicholson has authored many articles and several books. He travels extensively to teach and preach the Word of God and has been editor of the Choice Gleanings Calendar and Uplook Magazine.

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