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Setting The Stage

J. B. Nicholson Jr.


Enjoying GENESIS A Few Minutes At A Time

GENESIS... It's a book like no other. Hurtling us back to the dawn of time and space, we look over God's shoulder as He creates the universe. We watch as He tenderly kneels, shapes His crowning creature from the dust, and gently breathes into him the breath of life. No greater love drama, no more inspiring human saga, no more exciting rescue mission, could be imagined than the one told in this book.

J. B. Nicholson Jr.

Jabe Nicholson, Canadian-born, makes his home in Starkville, Mississippi. He and his wife, Louise, are blessed with seven children. Having been involved in Christian publishing for a number of years, Mr. Nicholson has authored many articles and several books. He travels extensively to teach and preach the Word of God and has been editor of the Choice Gleanings Calendar and Uplook Magazine.

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