Let's Take a Walk Together

Eunice Free


A One Year Daily Devotional Guide for Women

This book you are holding is an invitation to join the author in pursuit of God. But this will be no stroll in the park. Rather, this walk will take you ever higher, up challenging ascents as together you follow on to know the Lord. In the words of F. B. Meyer, “perseverance, tenacity of purpose, a refusal to be content with anything short of the best are indispensable conditions for the attainment of the highest.” The reward for your effort? Vivid metaphors will reveal new vistas of truth and fresh glimpses of the loveliness of the Lord Jesus.

Eunice is one of EPI’s “northern lights”- a woman in northern Ontario who is passionately devoted to sharing the light of the Gospel among family, students, friends, neighbors. She is a disciplined student of God’s Word, reading it, memorizing it, obeying it and living what it teaches. If you are not content with shallow or superficial Christianity, this devotional book will take you “further up and further in.”

Touching Jesus

Our son, who lives in China, wrote: “There's a certain young man that comes to our evening service. He's probably around 19 or 20 years old. About two weeks ago, he made a decision! His mother hasn't yet, but she's still coming out and showing interest. I go there each week now to teach him English and the Bible.

This young fellow has a walking disability. The other day we were going over Mark 5 where Jesus is touched by the woman with the issue of blood and she is healed. Suddenly James, (the boy's name - he wanted to be named Lebron after Lebron James the basketball superstar, but I told him James was better!) shouted in Chinese to his mom who was in the kitchen, "Mom, Mom, I wanna touch Jesus...!" Then he continued to say how, during the time that Jesus was on earth, He came and healed so many sick people, and how he wished that Jesus would come back now and heal him too...

I had never thought about it before, 'touching Jesus'. Most of us have the ability to walk and are over-all healthy. But to pause and think of the faith of a new believer to hear this type of story and to be able to immediately relate it to himself really opened my eyes as I thought, “Do we have the desire to touch Jesus?”

No, most of us have probably not thought much about it. Not that we need to be re-forgiven of sins (as the work was accomplished once on the cross) or need to renew our salvation, but do we desire to be that close to Jesus, to be able to reach out and touch the Holy One? James does...”

Whoever you are, whatever your needs may be, might this devotional guide be a means of encouragement to you, a voice which constantly pleads with you to Reach out, and touch Jesus.

Eunice Free

Eunice Free

Eunice Free has lived in northern Ontario with her husband Michael since 1985. They have three married children and have been blessed also with numerous grandchildren. Eunice has been a part of EPI as a proofreader and editor since 2005. She has an outreach as a supply teacher in the public school system, and she also thoroughly enjoys teaching girls at Northland Bible Camp, children at their local Kids' Club, and women in whatever settings the Lord provides.

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