EPI Books to Missionaries

We provide a number of services to help missionaries do their work more effectively. Here are some examples of what we offer: By request, we provide a missionary kit which includes EPI book samples, catalogue, and information on how the Lord might use us to support your work in the field. Please let us know which language best suits your field.
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We provide easy-to-understand commentaries in a variety of languages:
  • Everyday English – Commentaries on every book of the Bible
  • Spanish – Commentaries on 40 books of the Bible
  • Portuguese – Commentaries on 21 books of the Bible
  • French – Commentaries on 25 books of the Bible
  • Congo Swahili – Commentaries on 58 books of the Bible
We also produce books on major doctrines of the Bible such as:
  • Person of Christ
  • Eternal security
  • The Church
  • Prophecy & End Times

Additional Support

We provide a number of services to help missionaries do their work more effectively. Here are some examples of what we offer:

All commentaries come with an optional test booklet which allows them to also be used as a correspondence course or study guide.


Books written in Everyday English are easy to translate into local languages and dialects.


Books are sold at the deepest possible discount.


EPI works closely with missionaries to determine the least expensive and most efficient method of shipping to each missionary’s country of service.

Help Us Help Missionaries. Here's How...

Be that vital “link-in-the-chain”!

ENSURE that the missionaries sent/supported by your church know about Everyday Publications.


INFORM visiting missionaries and workers about Everyday Publications.


ENCOURAGE your missionaries to stop by for a visit when they are passing near to EPI.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Most of our resources are written in Everyday English, the easy-to-read, everyday style developed by Dr. Ed Harlow. They are ideal for those who speak or teach English as a Second Language. By request, we provide an ESL kit which includes EPI book samples and a catalogue. Let us support you as you teach English as a second Language.
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Everyday English

    Our resources are ideal for ESL. Our books are written in Everyday English which is a scientifically-based form of writing designed specifically for people who speak and read English as a second or third language. Everyday English:

  • Uses shorter sentences
  • Uses action verbs
  • Avoids subordinate clauses and figures of speech

One popular resource we offer is the English/Chinese diglot which was adapted from our best-seller, Food for New Believers. Each page in English is mirrored on the opposite page in Mandarin Chinese.

Elders/Leaders/Teachers Resources

EPI has several different book titles to support local church leadership. We have teamed up with the creators of Elders Shopnotes and also have other valuable resources for leaders. By request, we can provide you with a sample kit that includes some resources and a catalogue that might be an encouragement for elders and leaders of a local church.
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Practical Teaching:
  • Elders’ Shopnotes (ESN) is a series of books covering practical issues that elders face on a regular basis
  • Training of A Shepherd examines instruction given in the NT for elders
Doctrinal Teaching:

We offer doctrinal books to help equip leaders in order to more effectively teach sheep in their care. Some examples include:

  • Eternal Security
  • Biblical Balance on Election & Freewill
Teaching about the Church:
  • God’s design for the New Testament Church and how it can function in a way that glorifies our Head

Prison Ministries

There are men and women in prison today who recognize their deep need to see change in their lives. They are hungry for the Word of God and have time on their hands. Many of EPI titles are used in prisons all over the world. Inmates who speak English as a second language or who are looking for profound truth expressed in simple terms find EPI titles especially helpful. By request we can send you some samples of a prison courses or books as well as a catalogue. Together let’s bring the good news to lost souls in prison.
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    Many prisoners have limited education. As Everyday English is specifically designed for those with limited literacy, our books have been used extensively in prisons across the world!

Supporting Ministries

We feed Young Believers

Whether young in age or young in the faith, we have a host of resources to promote early growth! We have a wide variety of materials especially suited to young people.

Our Looking Glass series includes doctrinally sound, daily devotionals for the young teen. Other helpful resources for parents and children include: Goats’ Milk Medicine, Teaching the Tabernacle to Children, ’Twas Years Before Christmas.

For the New Believer: We are excited to now make available our Everyday Bible Commentary Series. This includes commentaries written in Everyday English on EVERY book of the Bible. This easy-to-understand resource is a blessing for any who read them but especially ideal for new believers and Christians just beginning serious Bible study.

We feed Women

We have a wide variety of resources specially suited to women. Some of these include:
  • Encouragement for Leaders’ Wives (ESN)
  • Let’s Take a Walk Together
  • Lessons Jesus Taught Me...
  • Discovering the Covering
  • A Wise Woman Builds, (written for women in a third world setting) etc.

We feed All Sheep

We have a number of daily devotionals and practical living books that are suitable to all of the Lord’s sheep, young or old! Look for these titles:
  • You’ve Got a Call
  • Let’s Take a Walk Together
  • Looking Glass series
  • Living Waters
Practical Living:
  • Gary McBride’s series about storms, temptation and how to study your Bible!
  • Look Straight Ahead: A book about moral purity

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