English as a Second Language (ESL)

Most of our resources are written in Everyday English, the easy-to-read, everyday style developed by Dr. Ed Harlow. They are ideal for those who speak or teach English as a Second Language. By request, we provide an ESL kit which includes EPI book samples and a catalogue. Let us support you as you teach English as a second Language.
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Everyday English

    Our resources are ideal for ESL. Our books are written in Everyday English which is a scientifically-based form of writing designed specifically for people who speak and read English as a second or third language. Everyday English:

  • Uses shorter sentences
  • Uses action verbs
  • Avoids subordinate clauses and figures of speech

One popular resource we offer is the English/Chinese diglot which was adapted from our best-seller, Food for New Believers. Each page in English is mirrored on the opposite page in Mandarin Chinese.

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