Elders’ ShopNotes

The mission of Elders’ ShopNotes is to provide encouragement and practical teaching for elders who seek to shepherd God’s flock in the local church.

Many elders work responsible full-time jobs, have families and are involved in various ministries. In addition, some have been thrust into the role of elder with little or no training. The busy elder has precious little time for self-study and further training. Much of the practical teaching for pastoral leadership is contained in resources that are directed toward “The Pastor” of a traditional church, so is limited in its applicability to working elders.

  • Provide “bite-size” teaching readily digestible for the working elder whose time is ever at a premium.
  • Provide helpful how-to’s that are practical for shepherding the congregation.
  • Provide basic biblical leadership principles.
  • Provide teaching for how elders’ wives can be a support to their husbands.

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