Kwa Nini, Bwana?¿Por qué, Señor?

Why, Lord?

Gertrud Harlow


A practical look at suffering

From the time of Job, people have been asking why they have to suffer. All persons suffer, no doubt all wonder why this is necessary. Believers know that God is taking care of them and they are willing to trust Him. Even so, it is good to know what the Bible teaches about suffering.

Gertrud Harlow, as a missionary in Africa, was forced to flee the country twice on account of rebel activity. She believes the Scripture contains the answer to every body's questions, Why, Lord?

Gertrud Harlow

Gertrud (Koppel) Harlow was a missionary for 14 years in the Belgian Congo, involved primarily in literature and translation work, before her marriage to Dr. Harlow. She still continues in the work with revisions for Swahili as well as typesetting new French titles.She works from her home office at Park of the Palms, Florida.

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