O que a Bíblía ensina sobre o dom das linguasLo que la Biblia enseña sobre el don de lenguas

What The Bible Teaches About The Gift Of Tongues

David Boyd Long


What about the gift of Tongues?.

Many people are asking today, What about Tongues? Members of all denominations are uniting on this basis, something wonderful happened, they can speak with tongues! Does the Bible teach that all the Spirit's gifts are for the whole church to the end of the age?

This booklet by David Boyd Long, widely known Bible teacher, is scripturally based and closely reasoned. It will help you to understand God's will for your life.

David Boyd Long

David Boyd Long was born in Ireland and served as a missionary in Angola for over 30 years. The primary focus of his ministry was translating the Bible into Chokwe and teaching the Word over a wide area. When the Longs had to leave Angola because of the civil war, they returned to Canada, continuing a widely accepted ministry around the world. Mrs Long passed away in 1982; Mr Long remarried the following year; subsequently moving back to Ireland where he passed away early in 2007.

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