No Time to Quit

Della Letkeman


Biography of the founder of Everyday Publications Inc. Read about this man who served his Lord in many different ways around the world with vision, determination and tenacity.

One of the luxuries of 90-year olds is looking back over the hills and valleys, the ups and downs of a lifetime. I always shunned the idea of a biography on the principle that the more honor you get in this world, the less in the next. But when Della Letkeman asked about it, I agreed to cooperate fully. I had just made, for my own interest, a 90-year summary of the places where I had lived since birth. I had a pile of 35 diaries which Della researched. She also contacted my family and old friends for pictures or stories. After, I know not how many hundreds of hours, we spent three days reading the manuscript orally to correct any minute errors which might have crept in. Finally the computer disc was given to Alma Turnbull for typesetting.

The apparent catastrophe in a life can turn out to be just the first steps to some larger advance. Out prayer is that those who read this book will give God the glory and understand that there is no time to quit.

Della Letkeman

Della Letkeman, commended along side her husband, has authored and co-authored material published by EPI. Before his death, she started a manuscript with Dr. Harlow on the life and travels of the Apostle Paul. Della does her writting from her home office in London, Ontario.

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