Seeking the Summit

Sandy McEachern


How to study the Bible to reach new spiritual heights.

Until the aviation industry allowed it, the only way UP was to climb a mountain.

Pause to consider that. for millennia, reaching a mountain's summit was the closest a heart could come to fulfilling its longing and passion to go UP.
What a great illustration of those who long for God - ascending a mountain and finding that He draws near to them and reveals Himself there. When ABRAHAM went up a mountain to worship, God drew near to him and blessed him (Gen 22). When MOSES went up a mountain, God gave him instructions for living (Ex 24:12). When ELIJAH went up a mountain, God gave him victory over the enemy (1 Kgs 18:20]. When PETER, JAMES and JOHN went up a mountain, God showed them the glory of His Son (Mt 17:1).
And so in this book we have chosen this illustration of climbing a mountain as our framework for "How to Study the Bible. This concept is rooted in Bible imagery and provides an excellent illustration of what studying God's Word is all about. God desires to meet with YOU on the mountain. Join the climb, and see what He has waiting for you there!

"Consider this book an invitation into intimacy with God." MATE BRAMSEN
"an excellent starter manual for studying the Bible..." MEITH KEYSER
"This book inspires and informs..." BRIAN GUNNING
"...sure to be a catalyst for you to delve into Scripture for yourself!" SAM BALMER
"I've had the privilege of learning how to study the Bible from Sandy for many years. SEEKING THE SUMMIT... when put into practice, deepens spiritual growth." ALYSSA GEE
"Becoming involved in the Bible study classes at Sandy's house was the breath of fresh air I needed." MITCH KERNICH

Sandy McEachern

SANDY McEACHERN has taught the Scriptures for many years – locally in Canada, in North America and internationally. Over the years, he has been involved in multiple camp ministries and continues to maintain an interest in young people and their growth in the Lord. As a part of that growth, he has emphasized and taught courses on HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE to numerous groups. The material from those seminars makes up the bulk of this book. He has an MA (History) from the University of Western Ontario and currently owns and manages a property development company.

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