Headcovering Discovering the Covering

Louise Nicholson


Coverings are very important to God. Why?

Coverings are very important to God. Why? Because they have to do with His glory and the way He reveals Himself to us. If the first half of 1 Corinthians 11 — the passage examined and discussed in much of this booklet — is about the glory of God, what follows it cannot be a trivial matter. The importance of coverings should also be obvious by how often the subject appears throughout the Word of God. Let’s take a journey together, from before time, throughout the Old Testament, right up to the New Testament and the times in which we now live, to see this matter of the “covering” from God’s perspective. Ultimately, we are not asked to form our own opinion on the matter, but we are to align our thinking with God’s.

Louise Nicholson

Louise Nicholson lives with her husband, Jabe, in Starkville, MS. For many years, Louise has studied the Bible and ministered to women of all ages. The Nicholsons have seven children and several grandchildren.

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