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You & Your Bible

Gary McBride


A Light for your Soul, And your soles.

The Bible is an amazing book, a collection of 66 books written by 40 different authors. Its writing covered a period of sixteen hundred years. It consists of history, poetry, prophecy and theology that all has one common theme: God loves sinners and provided a way to forgive them.

The Bible is a book without contradictions and in the original languages, (Hebrew and Greek) without error. Its preservation by God is so remarkable that we can truly say, "We have God's Word in our hands."

The most amazing fact is that it really is God's Word, His message to humanity. The Holy Spirit is the divine Author who inspired (moved or caused) men to write so that we could know God. God is invisible, but is known or made visible to us through His Word, the Bible.

Gary McBride

Gary and Gloria McBride were commended into full-time work in 1981 by Grace Bible Chapel in Timmins, ON. They were first commended to Zambia then went to Northern Ontario and were involved in camp work for 28 years. They now reside in Southern Ontario and Gary serves as itinerant Bible teacher, as well as helping with New Life Prison Ministry (
Gary McBride y su esposa Gloria fueron encomen- dados a la obra del Señor en 1980. Estuvieron dos años en Zambia y cuando regresaron a Canadá, se establecieron en el norte de Ontario. Sirvieron por 26 años en el norte y ayudaron con la operación del Campamento Bíblico Northland. En 2008 se mud- aron al sur de Ontario. Gary tiene un servicio iti- nerante en las asambleas, conferencias y campamentos. Su esposa Gloria y él tienen dos hijos casados y tres nietos.

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