A igreja e euLa iglesia y yo

Women in the CHURCH

Gertrud Harlow


A look at the New Testament church and how it relates to women.

This Booklet (formally called "The Church and I") clearly explains the New Testament church principles which relate to women's unique privileges and responsibilities.

We trust that it will be a positive and helpful tool, relating everything to Christ's great love for us and our resulting love to Him, a love that makes us want to obey His commands. After all, this is the true source of obedience. Said the Lord Jesus: "If you really love Me, you will keep and obey My commandments." Jn 14:15

Gertrud Harlow

Gertrud (Koppel) Harlow was a missionary for 14 years in the Belgian Congo, involved primarily in literature and translation work, before her marriage to Dr. Harlow. She still continues in the work with revisions for Swahili as well as typesetting new French titles.She works from her home office at Park of the Palms, Florida.

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