Series: Doors to Freedom

Anchors In the Storms of Life

Gary McBride


Though you may face storms, you can do so with peace in your heart knowing that the almighty Lord Jesus Christ is with you and guiding you.

It was a beautiful evening to be out on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus had spent the whole day preaching from inside a ship to crowds gathered on the shore. It was now time for Him to rest as He and His disciples set sail to “the other side”, a city called Gadara 6 miles to the southeast of this little sea. Clearly, there were no signs of storms in sight, for there were “other little boats” out on the water. Also, the disciples did not seem concerned when Jesus laid down for a nap, suggesting that there was a calmness in the air.

Then, in an instant, the disciples found themselves caught in a terrible storm that threatened their lives — or so they thought. Mark writes that “a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling”. As Jesus was asleep in the stern (the back of the boat), the disciples became frightened and woke him up, crying out to Him for help. Jesus got up and calmed the storm. With just one command, “Peace, be still”, the great windstorm was replaced with a great calm. He was the Captain of that boat and, the disciples found out, He wanted to be the Captain of their lives too. His presence brought them peace.

This booklet was made to help you experience God’s peace in the storms of life. Of first importance, Christ wants to become the Captain of your life. He wants to save you from your sins and give you “peace with God”*. This can only happen when you admit that you need Him to save you and when you receive His gift of forgiveness for your sins. If you have never had this experience, pause now and make certain once and for all that He is your Saviour! He is willing and able to forgive you of all your sins and to set you on the course that will allow your life to have meaning and purpose.

Becoming a Christian, however, does not mean you will sail through life without storms, as this story from the Bible shows! But, as you give Christ the control He desires to have in your life, you can then experience the “peace of God”**. Though you may face storms, you can do so with peace in your heart knowing that the almighty Lord Jesus Christ is with you and guiding you. This booklet will show you why storms come to the child of God and the ways you can experience the Lord’s peace in a very real way.

Gary McBride

Gary and Gloria McBride were commended into full-time work in 1981 by Grace Bible Chapel in Timmins, ON. They were first commended to Zambia then went to Northern Ontario and were involved in camp work for 28 years. They now reside in Southern Ontario and Gary serves as itinerant Bible teacher, as well as helping with New Life Prison Ministry (
Gary McBride y su esposa Gloria fueron encomen- dados a la obra del Señor en 1980. Estuvieron dos años en Zambia y cuando regresaron a Canadá, se establecieron en el norte de Ontario. Sirvieron por 26 años en el norte y ayudaron con la operación del Campamento Bíblico Northland. En 2008 se mud- aron al sur de Ontario. Gary tiene un servicio iti- nerante en las asambleas, conferencias y campamentos. Su esposa Gloria y él tienen dos hijos casados y tres nietos.

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