Series: Elders SHOPNOTES: A Collection of Essays

Elders SHOPNOTES: A Collection of Essays: Volume 5: Encouragement for Leaders Wives

Mary Gianotti Ruth Spender


Essays from Wives Corner

Being the wife of an elder or leader in the church has unique blessings and challenges. These short essays are meant to encourage such women as they serve the Lord and desire to be a support to their husbands. Thanks to Ruth Spender, Marie Forcucci, Ruth Rodger, friends and fellow writers who helped make this book possible. And thank you to the folks at Everyday Publications for their vision for this series of volumes, Elders ShopNotes. Mary Gianotti


Created to Serve - Mary Gianotti
Serving Like Jesus - Mary Gianotti
Wives above Reproach - Mary Gianotti
The Delight of Loving My Husband - Mary Gianotti
Inner Modesty - Mary Gianotti
A Lingering Fragrance - Mary Gianotti
A Meek and Quiet Spirit - Ruth Spender
A Song for Serving - Mary Gianotti
A Woman of Respect - Mary Gianotti
A Woman of Temperance - Mary Gianotti
A Woman of the Summer - Mary Gianotti
A Woman of Trustworthiness - Mary Gianotti
Edification: A Positive Method of Mentorship - Maria Forcucci
Edification: Mentoring through Exhortation - Maria Forcucci
Mentoring: Biblical Examples - Ruth Spender
Mentoring Women Part 1 - Mary Gianotti
Mentoring Women Part 2 - Mary Gianotti
Mentoring Women Part 3 - Mary Gianotti
Helper to My "Elder" Husband - Mary Gianotti
Helping Him to Be a One-Woman Man - Mary Gianotti
Supporting in a Noble Work - Mary Gianotti
How Supportive Are We? - Ruth Spender
Low Tide Times – Encouraging Your Husband - Mary Gianotti
Supporting Your Husband - Mary Gianotti
When Your Husband Is Criticized - Ruth Rodger
Overcoming Misconceptions - Maria Forcucci
Are You Misunderstood? - Maria Forcucci
Becoming Characterized by Faith - Mary Gianotti
Being an Example to the Flock - Ruth Spender
No Return Address - Ruth Spender
Integrity for Wives - Ruth Spender
Penny for Your Thoughts - Ruth Spender
Guard Your Words - Mary Gianotti
The Gift of Listening - Mary Gianotti
God’s Holiness, My Sinfulness - Mary Gianotti
Accepted in the Beloved - Ruth Spender
Hospitality - Ruth Spender
More Than a Guest - Mary Gianotti
Practical Hospitality - Ruth Spender
Accepting Our Present Season - Maria Forcucci
Dealing with Criticism - Ruth Spender
Feeling Alone - Maria Forcucci
Managing Conflict - Ruth Spender
Stress!! - Ruth Rodger
The Sandpaper of God - Mary Gianotti
Thankfulness - Mary Gianotti
Enjoying True Peace - Ruth Spender
Faith or Fear? - Mary Gianotti
Loving with Discernment and Knowledge - Mary Gianotti
Much Charity - Mary Gianotti
Sacrificial Giving - Ruth Spender
Encouraging Growth - Ruth Spender
Fruitful Words - Ruth Spender
Listening & Responding with Godly Advice - Ruth Rodger
Summer Distractions - Mary Gianotti
Summer Opportunities - Ruth Spender
The Time Crunch - Mary Gianotti
Shepherding Begins at Home - Ruth Spender
Renewed to Serve - Ruth Spender
Harvest Time – In Our Lives - Mary Gianotti
Gazing at the Table - Stephanie Torres

About Elders' shopnotes

This small volume in your hands is the fifth in a series of essay collections based on the ministry of Elders’ ShopNotes (ESN). This ministry began as an effort to help busy elders be- come better equipped in shepherding the people of god under their care. ESN is a bi-monthly ministry letter written in both English and Spanish and distributed upon request to elders in North and South America, as well as some places in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and other locations. Each issue is designed to strengthen and equip elders so they can more effectively do the work of shepherding god’s people.

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