Facts Of The Christian Faith

James Gunn


The Christian Faith is built on facts. These facts explain to us the truth of how God has acted in creation and redemption and has revealed His character in Holy Scripture.

In this book James Gunn brings us the Scriptural "facts" for our faith regarding twelve key truths. These truths range from Creation to Eternity, from God Almighty to Christian Ethics.

Chapter Headers
1 The Christian Faith
2 God Almighty
3 Sin and the Fall of Man
4 The Person and Deity of Christ
5 The Work of Christ – Redemption
6 The Person of the Holy Spirit
7 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
8 Christian Ethics
9 Immortality
10 The Resurrection
11 The Kingdom of the Lord Jesus
12 Eternity

James Gunn

James Gunn, now with the Lord, trained as a chemical engineer but went out as a missionary to Venezuela for one term. Since then he served the Lord as a Bible teacher for many years. He was associate editor of a believer's periodical "Ministry in Focus" and wrote hundreds of articles ans several books.

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