In the Heart of a Pearl

Alma Turnbull


There is always some Grit: How the Lord used Pearl Winterburn in Congo--Zaire.

Pearl first arrived in Africa in 1953 after spending time in Belgium for language study and medical certification. The next 49 years were fruitful, with many coming to know the Lord as their Saviour. In 2002, because of a broken hip, she arrived back in Toronto with the realization that her days as a missionary nurse were over. She was thankful for the way the Lord had blessed her ministry in DR Congo, but had difficulty grasping the reality that her days of service in Africa were over. The following acronym describes the qualities evident in Pearl’s life — Persevering, Enduring, Achieving, Resilient, Loyal. Her earnest prayer was that the Lord would allow her one last visit with the people she loved. Because of her medical emergency Pearl had been airlifted to Nairobi, so never had the opportunity to say goodbye to her “family” in Tchabi, DRC. God answered her prayer, and in 2007, she spent 10 days with them, even with a surprise celebration on her 87th birthday! To see how the believers had stood firm in their love for the Lord in spite of the vicious attacks from rebel tribes, was such a blessing for Pearl. She keeps in regular contact with Mandro via email and is thankful to the Lord for the privilege of bringing the Gospel to that part of Africa. The sequel, newly added to the biography published in 1997, describes the great joy she (and they) experienced. To God be the glory!

Alma Turnbull

Alma Turnbull joined the ministry of EPI as a commended worker in 1981 and for years faithfully dedicated her typesetting and bookkeeping skills until the office moved from Scarborough to Port Colborne. Alma was not able to make the move but continues to contribute from her home office with the computer composition of pages for print. This is a tedious but very vital part of the work.

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