Disguised as an Angel of Light

Sharon Fleming


A true story, Sharon Fleming writes about what happened in the Philippines. A real page-turner.

We always think of angels as being very good. This makes it possible for evil spirits to appear as angels and deceive us. So the first thing to learn is the that all spirits are not good angels. A good angel will confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died on the cross for the sins of the people. Good angels are sent by God to keep us from danger, Hebrews 1:14. We do not need angels to tell us about God because we have the whole Word of God, the Holy Bible. Sometimes people will try to tell us something "new". They may say that an "angel" revealed it to them. No, thanks, we have all we need to know about God and Christ, in the Scriptures.

Sharon Fleming

Sharon Hamilton met James Fleming at Emmaus Bible College. After they were married they were commended by two assemblies in 1984 to the Lord's work in South America. They served as missionaries first in Peru and are now in Colombia. They are, at present, living in Bogota where they serve the Lord with the Emmaus Correspondence Ministry.

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