Is There An Answer?

Fredk A. Tatford


This insightful book addresses topics about abortion, divorce, suicide, drugs, euthanasia, evolution, homosexuality and artificial insemination..

The decay of national morals has caused consternation in the western world. People are told that everybody does it, and so they feel impelled to do "it" too. The result is loss of self respect and deepening concern for the future.

Anyone who deals with souls must frequently come up against some or all of the problems dealt with in this book. The author has faced all these situations and sought for Biblical answer. In every crisis of life, the Bible has the answer.

Fredk A. Tatford

Dr. Frederick A. Tatford, now with the Lord, left a high-ranking position with the British government to engage more fully in his writing and Bible teaching ministry. He wrote almost fifty books including studies on Daniel and Ezekiel, all twelve minor prophets, and the book of Revelation An avid student of Bible prophecy, he was the president of the Prophetic Witness Movement International, headquartered in England. His oral ministry was widely appreciated in many parts of the world.

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