La Guérison Divine: Examinée Par un MèdecinLa sanidad divina

Divine Healing: Examined by a Physician

Arthur C. Hill


Dr. Hill knows well both God’s Word and the human body. Having examined alleged healing for 45 years, he presents a mature, balanced study of a difficult subject.

Dr. Arthur C. Hill combines two specialities required for a proper examination of the subject of Divine Healing: medical science and Scripture knowledge. His many years in medical practice were also years of personal Bible study. He knew God's Word and the human body.

This booklet on Divine Healing is a balanced approach to a subject which many have found difficult. The author sees the subject as part of the larger problem of prayer in the believer's life.

Arthur C. Hill

Arthur C. Hill was born in London, Ontario. He graduated with a degree in Arts and Medicine from the University of Western Ontario. He practiced medicine and surgery in the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec where he was on the staff of the Sherbrooke and d'Youville Hospitals. Dr. Hill was an ex-governor of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Province of Quebec, and also past-president of the Quebec Medical Association. His ministries as a believer included eldership and superintendency of the Sunday School at the assembly in Sherbrooke; editor of News of Quebec; serving on the Canadian cabinet of the Gideons, the Canadian Sunday School Mission, and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

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