La Formation d'un Berger

The Training of a Shepherd

James Gunn


Five helpful studies on spiritual maturing and work of God's shepherds in local churches.

Sheep need shepherds. God's people are like sheep and He provides shepherds to feed and guide and care for them.

Mr. James Gunn has been feeding and caring for God's sheep for many years. Out of rich personal experience and a deep knowledge of God's Word, Mr. Gunn in this book describes some of the joys and responsibilities of God's shepherds, and how the Lord prepares men for this service.

James Gunn

James Gunn, now with the Lord, trained as a chemical engineer but went out as a missionary to Venezuela for one term. Since then he served the Lord as a Bible teacher for many years. He was associate editor of a believer's periodical "Ministry in Focus" and wrote hundreds of articles ans several books.

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