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If Any Man Speak

James Gunn


This excellent booklet, subtitled Sermons and Speeches, Their Preparation and Delivery, discusses the preparation and delivery of sermons. Outlines and helpful suggestions.

If Any Man Speak... he should have something important to say. He should say it well so people will listen and understand. His message should be based on God's Word and he should expect God to help him as he speaks.

Mr. James Gunn was a preacher and teacher of God's Word for many years. In this book he offers some very useful suggestions to young people who have a message for others.

James Gunn

James Gunn, now with the Lord, trained as a chemical engineer but went out as a missionary to Venezuela for one term. Since then he served the Lord as a Bible teacher for many years. He was associate editor of a believer's periodical "Ministry in Focus" and wrote hundreds of articles ans several books.

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