¿Deben hablar las mujeres en la reunión de la iglesia?

Should Women Speak In The Church Meeting?

Robert Billings


The author examines Scripture to determine if women should speak in the church meeting and briefly discusses the issue of women speaking in light of church history.

Today there is much controversy over the role of women in local churches. The major controversy that I have encountered is whether or not women should be allowed to speak in the meeting of the church. Historically this has not been an issue in Biblical churches. From the time of the Reformation in the 16th Century, until some time in the 1970s, there is virtually no record of women speaking in Evangelical churches. However, today, with increasing frequency, churches that have historically been Evangelical are allowing women to speak at the meeting of the church. A growing number of churches are also changing to advocate women teaching in the church meeting. Others go a step further and permit women to be elders or pastors.

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