They Rode In Chariots

Jean Dougan


In Bible times transportation was provided by different means. All could walk on two feet. Some could travel on donkeys, camels, or horses. The chariot was used for war and peaceful purposes.

Chariots were popular in early history. They were like a small cart on wheels pulled by horses. We know what some looked like from old Egyptian carvings and tombs. These chari- ots had cases for spears and bows and arrows on the right side of the cart. The wheels, pole and yoke were of wood. Sometimes the wheels were tipped with iron and had knives sticking out from the center of the wheel. The binding and harness were of leather. The floor had a rope net to give spring under the feet and they were open behind for entering.

Sometimes there was only one driver in the chariot. At other times there was a driver and a rider. Often in war there was one driver and two riders − one armed with bow and arrows and the other holding a shield for protection. Chariots were also used as a show of dignity and power. And we read that the Lord “makes the clouds His chariot,” Psalm 104.3.

Jean Dougan

Canadian author Jean Dougan (1916-2003), was a home maker, poet, and author. For years she has written poems for Smoke Signals a camp magazine; and every year the words for the camp hymn. These hymns have been published under the title Themes from the Classics. Mrs. Dougan has also contributed to five volumes of The Looking Glass, daily devotional readings for teens. Jean Dougan has drawn many practical lessons from the Living Word of God.

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