Worship God

Robert Henry Sykes


The author studies various Biblical characters who were worshippers and gleans important lessons from their lives in an effort to help and encourage the worship of the reader’s heart.

People fell down and worshiped the Lord Jesus. By taking a low position they acknowledge Christ as Lord. This is a good but true worship does not depend on posture or location. God the Father, the Source of all things, wants true heart worship.

Bob Sykes accepted Christ as Saviour decades ago. Since then he has been learning ever more to worship God. This book is the fruit of years of study, meditation and experience. It will be a blessing to your soul.

Robert Henry Sykes

Robert Henry Sykes was born in Michigan and served in the business world for many years. He and his wife, Wilma, were commissioned by their home church in Grand Rapids for missionary work in Angola. Now living in Montana, Bob Sykes is busy in a Bible teaching and church planting ministry.

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