Singleness: A Male Perspective

William MacDonald


The author takes a Biblical look at the issue of singleness from a male perspective. Written for men, much of the truths in the material covered is relative to women also.

Some time ago, a reader in Switzerland asked me to write an article on the single life from a man�s point of view. She said that there was al- ready a good deal of source material written by women but very little by men.

That explains why the following is from a male perspective. Volumes could have been writ- ten about the devotion and dedication of single women. Their exploits for the Lord Jesus are mon- umental. This booklet should never be interpreted as an effort to slight them or disregard them. That would be unthinkable.

Much of the material covered is equally true of women as well as men. Just change the pro- nouns, add a few superlatives, and the truth is there.

Singleness is often regarded as abnormal and a condition to be pitied or even ridiculed. But is that what the Bible teaches? On the contrary, the case for the single life is stronger than most Chris- tians either realize or are willing to admit. It is no exaggeration to say that Scripture presents it as ideal, preferable, and superior. While acknowl- edging that marriage is good, the Bible affirms that singleness is better.

The Lord Jesus, Himself a single Man, taught that if a believer chooses to be single in order to serve Him and His church with his fullest powers, this is a sacred and exalted call- ing. He spoke of those who make themselves eu- nuchs for the kingdom of heaven�s sake (Matt. 19:12c). This simply means that they determine to forego the companionship and pleasures of marriage so that they can advance the Lord�s in- terests without being hampered by a multitude of domestic responsibilities. While these responsi- bilities are perfectly legitimate, they demand time, effort, and finances which could detract from a higher commitment.

The Savior added the words, �He who is able to accept it, let him accept it.� This means that to be a eunuch for the kingdom�s sake is only for those willing and able to deliberately adopt this lifestyle. The Lord strongly recommends it.

William MacDonald

William MacDonald (January 7, 1917 - December 25, 2007) has authored over eighty books dealing with subjects such as evangelism and discipleship, church life, marital relations, as well as a best-selling Bible commentary. While pursuing a degree at Harvard (MBA), the Lord called him into the ministry. He served as President of Emmaus Bible College, as well as teaching many classes. He and O. Jean Gibson founded a discipleship school for young men at Fairhaven Bible Chapel in northern California. A favorite Bible teacher to many, he traveled and spoke at conferences throughout the United States and Canada. He makes his home in Heaven.

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