Only One Time Around

William MacDonald


This book stresses the importance of getting our priorities right.

Life here is in preparation for the next world. Satan tries to deceive people by teaching there is no God, or God is dead, or as a loving heavenly Father He lets us do as we please, or there is no heaven or hell and death ends all, or God will save all men at last. The thrust is that God has revealed Himself and holds every person responsible for his actions.

Mr. William MacDonald here shows that we will not have another chance, each individual has only one lifetime, there is Only One Time Around.

William MacDonald

William MacDonald (January 7, 1917 - December 25, 2007) has authored over eighty books dealing with subjects such as evangelism and discipleship, church life, marital relations, as well as a best-selling Bible commentary. While pursuing a degree at Harvard (MBA), the Lord called him into the ministry. He served as President of Emmaus Bible College, as well as teaching many classes. He and O. Jean Gibson founded a discipleship school for young men at Fairhaven Bible Chapel in northern California. A favorite Bible teacher to many, he traveled and spoke at conferences throughout the United States and Canada. He makes his home in Heaven.

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