The story

...and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:5)


T oday there are over 400 new or thriving assemblies in this corner of the D.R.C.. The assemblies are growing at the rate of 20 new gatherings per year. They attribute this growth to people having the Congo Swahili Bible and the Swahili hymn book as well as to the faithful teachers of God's Word, teaching as they had themselves been taught over many years!

The brethren also operate 135 primary and secondary schools, schools for the deaf, 4 hospitals, and 26 clinics, and they work diligently to help re-establish many thousands of families displaced by wars and militant militias.


The Lord has prompted us to create this film in order to:

1. Watch the Lord at work for almost one hundred years by means of missionaries, national workers, assembly elders, and the power of the Holy Spirit.
2. Give our assembly people a vivid firsthand demonstration that the work of the Lord is alive and well although it has a different look than years ago.
3. Demonstrate to the current generation that it is our responsibility to take the work of the gospel into the world, an opportunity that we cannot avoid!
4. Remind us, that we who have been granted great gifts are responsible to support those who do the work of the Lord in less fortunate places.
5. Remind us that God is not finished – salvation is coming to thousands! We have noticed that the greatest movements of God often take place over time in the toughest places on earth – such as the Northeast D.R. Congo.
6. Open our eyes and hearts to the parts of the body of Christ that need support.

Since the beginning of the assembly work there in the 1920s, four rays of light have shone the love of Christ and His gospel across the Northeast D.R. Congo and into the hearts and lives of the Congolese: Literature (Books and Bible Translation), Education, Medical Intervention, and Gospel Preaching. This film chronicles how these four rays of light have impacted lives for time and eternity.