Everyday Publications Inc. (EPI)

Founded in 1964 by Dr. Harlow and his wife, Gertrud, EPI continues to produce easy-to-understand, doctrinally sound books about the Bible. These books include commentaries on every book of the Bible with study guides for many titles, ideal for individual or group studies. EPI currently has over 400 titles on their list in Everyday English, Standard English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Congo Swahili. These are distributed in more than 80 countries. EPI books are offered at the lowest possible prices to make them as accessible as possible to as many as possible. EPI's books are an integral part of many prison ministries, TESL programs, correspondence schools, and missionary endeavors worldwide.

Emmanuel Community (EC)

EC is comprised of about 255 assemblies and 150+ prayer/Bible study cells soon to be assemblies in the Northeast D.R. Congo. Each assembly remains autonomous with recognized elders. There are roughly 100,000 believers and 60,000 children who gather in these assemblies that range in terms of geography (some meet in buildings, others in the forest) and size (anywhere from 100 in fellowship to 1200 in fellowship) and ethnic diversity.

Within EC, there are several districts, each district is comprised of any number of assemblies. Some districts have a dozen assemblies while other districts could have 30+ assemblies. Each district is overseen by a leader (for legal purposes) and ensures that needs are met across the assemblies.

Dr. Robert Bungishabaku & Feli Katho

Dr. Katho is the past president of Shalom University in Bunia, D.R. Congo. He also remains the Legal Representative for Emmanuel Community. Dr. Katho helps oversee the happenings of all the various districts of assemblies in the DR Congo. This is a demanding ministry that often means traveling broadly and for lengthy periods of time. It also means interfacing with the devastating hardships that have become all too common in the D.R. Congo. He is in constant demand for advice by assembly elders and he coordinates a wide variety of support measures, from leadership training to fund dispersion to literature distribution. His wife, Feli, while completing her Master's degree, also maintains an active ministry among women. Her passion is to help women who have been violated in heartbreaking conditions to develop practical skills in order to provide a livelihood for themselves, as many of these women have been ostracized by society. Feli teaches these women literacy and sewing and cares for them in other practical ways. Dr. Katho and Feli have four grown daughters of their own and have adopted two young girls. They also support many other children in their extended family.

Dr. Robert Edward & Gertrud Harlow

In the '50s Ed and Gertrud Harlow served as missionaries in what is now known as the D.R. Congo. Their interest from early years was always to promote Bible knowledge with the help of the printed page. Ed was one of the co-founders of Emmaus Bible School and Gertrud helped in the translation of the Swahili Bible in her earlier missionary career. Due to the hostile political situation in the '60s, the Harlows relocated to Canada but continued to support the spiritual work in the D.R. Congo through the founding of Everyday Publications in 1964. The Harlows were convinced that the usual books about the Bible were too hard for most Africans to understand. So Dr. Harlow wrote simple commentaries about different books of the Bible in everyday English; Gertrud then translated them into Congo Swahili. Dr. Harlow went to be with the Lord on March 10, 2003, five days short of his 95th birthday. Gertrud, 92, remains active (health setbacks notwithstanding) and is nearing the end of a colossal project: translating William MacDonald's Believer's Bible Commentary - New Testament into Congo Swahili.

Mr. William Deans (Bwana Bill)

Bill Deans was one of the earliest assembly workers in the DR Congo. Bill's passion to reach the unreached grew over the years as did his ministry, spanning from the most primitive people with almost no knowledge of the gospel to working beside Congolese seminary and college graduates. His professional training had been in design and advertising which the Lord sanctified in a special way: he developed the first printing press in Nyankunde which resulted in the far-reaching spread of the gospel. He served there in various capacities from 1930-1980, publishing Christian literature in Congo Swahili in the form of tracts, books, and magazines, including Neno La Imani and Litatoli. One of his great endeavors was to create various films about the Lord's work in the D.R. Congo in order to raise awareness and support among Christians in North America. Bill passed away in 1999.