Everyday Bible Commentary Series

Ed and Gertrud Harlow shared a burden for believers in Africa who had little Bible knowledge. These believers had no Bible study resources in their own language and the English Bible studies and commentaries available to them were too long and the language was too advanced. Gertrud Harlow asked her husband, “Would you be willing to write a simple commentary in English and I will translate it into Swahili?” Ed Harlow agreed to start immediately, and the first in a series of Bible commentaries was published in 1964. His goal was to have a commentary written in Everyday English, on every book of the Bible. The first book was entitled Start of the Race: Studies in Genesis. Gertrud quickly translated it into Swahili. Over the next 30 years, one or more commentary studies were completed every year. Today a commentary on every book of the Old Testament and New Testament is available in a 44 volume, easy-to-read, series. Each commentaries has an optional test booklet so that it can be used as a correspondence course or as a study guide.

Versatile Commentaries for all ages.

Today the Everyday Bible Commentaries are used in a variety of ways both in North America and around the world. They are a great resource for those new in the faith, whether young or old. They are written in an easy-to-read format that makes complex topics and doctrines accessible to all ages. These commentaries are perfect for:

English as a Second Language studies

    Today every language group can be found in every country. These commentaries are a perfect resource for those who speak English as a second language. Request a sample kit today.

Commentaries for translation

These commentaries were written with translation in mind. Believers will study more effectively when they study in their own language. Quite a number have already been translated, but there are still many language groups with limited access to resources that have been translated from an easy to understand source.

Group Bible studies

These commentaries are ideal for a home Bible study, a Sunday school class or a one-on-one discipleship study, especially if used with the optional test booklet.

Build a Library

Here is a great way to help a young person begin to build their own study library. Commentaries can be purchased separately, as a complete set or as a series within the series. The commentaries are available as: The Pentateuch, OT History, OT Poetry, OT Prophecy, the Gospels and Acts and the Epistles and Revelation.

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