Missionary Books   Standard English

No Time to Quit

By Letkeman, Della, Biography of the founder of Everyday Publications Inc. Read about this man who served his Lord in many different ways around the world with vision, determination and tenacity.
$ 17.00 

Disguised as an Angel of Light

By Fleming, Sharon, A true story, Sharon Fleming writes about what happened in the Philippines. A real page-turner.
$ 2.75 

Send Me To A Hard Place

By MacDonald, Agnes, Turnbull, Alma, In Zambia, Agnes MacDonald assimilated the language of the people among whom she was called to labor.
$ 6.50 

Angels In Charge

By Brooks, Elizabeth, Stories of God's protection while teaching in Zambia
$ 3.75 

In the Heart of a Pearl

By Turnbull, Alma, There is always some Grit: How the Lord used Pearl Winterburn in Congo--Zaire.
$ 12.50