Sixteen Men With a Message

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A study of the Old Testament prophets Isaiah to Malachi.
By William MacDonald

Sixteen Men With a MessageTitle: Sixteen Men With a Message
Author: W. MacDonald
Language: Everyday English
Format: Paperback
Binding: Perfect Binding
Book Size: 5.5x8.5x0.40
Category: Bible Study
Topic: Isaiah to Malachi
Page Count: 204
Publisher: Everyday Publications Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-91958-611-6
Item Code:  611
Other Languages: ESSWSWSW
$ 11.50 


God called many men to give His message to the people. Sixteen of these men were led by the Holy Spirit to write what God gave them and these messages are found in the Bible. These sixteen men, from Isaiah to Malachi, spoke the truth of God, and their messages are important today. This book, 16 Men with a Message, will help you to understand this important part of the Bible.

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Mr. William MacDonald was a man of varied experience: U.S. Navy, Bible School president, international conference speaker and author.
His biggest production is the Believer's Bible Commentary, Old Testament and New Testament (over 1200 pages each). More…

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