Living Waters

A daily devotional drawn from the writings of this true servant of God. A great gift to see someone you love draw nearer to the Lord with these meditations.
By R. E. Harlow

Living WatersTitle: Living Waters
Author: R. Harlow
Language: Standard English
Format: Paperback
Binding: Perfect Binding
Book Size: 5.5x8.5x0.75
Category: Devotional Books
Topic: Other
Page Count: 294
Publisher: Everyday Publications Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-88873-721-2
Item Code:  721
$ 15.75 


This book contains timely articles, editorials, and devotional thoughts written by R.E. Harlow, selected and edited by Della letkemean.

"The fountain in its source
No drought of summer fears;
The farther it pursues its course
The nobler it appears."

"But shallow cisterns yield
A scanty short supply;
The morning sees them amply filled,
At evening they are dry."

Translated by Wm. Cooper
from the French of Madame Guyon

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R.E. Harlow served as a missionary in Africa and as co-founder and first principal of the Emmaus Bible School. He has written a number of books and courses about the Bible. The best known is Can We Know God?  More…

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