The Complete Thing


Three spiritual gifts, including tongues, were to cease when the complete thing had come. Dr. Harlow confirms that this refers to Scripture, not the coming of the Lord Jesus.
By R. E. Harlow

The Complete ThingTitle: The Complete Thing
Author: R. Harlow
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Topic: The Church, Spiritual Gifts
Page Count: 28
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ISBN-13: 978-0-88873-034-3
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The perfection and balance of the complete Scripture is marvellous in our eyes and another proof of its divine inspiration. The Bible was complete when the New Testament was written during the apostolic age.

Three gifts of the Holy Spirit were to cease when the complete thing had come. Some who advocated the use of tongues today maintain that the complete thing is the Lord Jesus but this booklet confirms the belief that the phrase refers to the Scriptures.

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R.E. Harlow served as a missionary in Africa and as co-founder and first principal of the Emmaus Bible School. He has written a number of books and courses about the Bible. The best known is Can We Know God?  More…

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