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A practical book on some of the blessings of scriptures.
By R. E. Harlow

Feed On My WordTitle: Feed On My Word
Author: R. Harlow
Language: Everyday English
Format: Paperback
Binding: Perfect Binding
Book Size: 5.5x8.5x0.20
Category: Spiritual Growth
Topic: Jesus Christ, Christian Growth
Page Count: 64
Publisher: Everyday Publications Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-88873-425-9
Item Code:  425
Other Languages: PTFRES
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The Lord Jesus Christ said that no man can live by natural food only. Everyone needs the Word of God, every word that He has spoken.

Millions of people today own a Bible but millions more just wish they had one. Yet many who have a Bible do not often read it.

But there is great blessing and deep joy in the Bible. These are for those who read it, believe and obey.

This book points out thirty of these blessings. You can read one each day for a month. Look up all the verses for each day. Feed on the Word. You will start to love the Bible more and more. Better still you will learn to love the Lord Jesus Better than ever.

Blessings of Scripture
1. Born Again from Above
2. Salvation
3. Freedom
4. Faith
5. Sanctification
6. Purity
7. A Clean Life
8. Victory
9. Growth
10. Strength
11. Assurance
12. Building
13. Fruit
14. Love
15. Joy
16. Pleasure
17. Burning Hearts
18. Blessing and Peace
19. Answered Prayer
20. Praise
21. Witness
22. The Faith
23. Warning of Danger
24. Wisdom
25. The Old Testament
26. Christ in the Old Testament
27. Prepared for Work
28. Preparation for the Second Coming
29. Inheritance
30. The Knowledge of Christ and God

Biography of 

R.E. Harlow served as a missionary in Africa and as co-founder and first principal of the Emmaus Bible School. He has written a number of books and courses about the Bible. The best known is Can We Know God?  More…

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