In The Beginning

Commentary on the books of Genesis & John
By E.L. Lovering

In The BeginningTitle: In The Beginning
Author: E. Lovering
Language: Standard English
Format: Paperback
Binding: Perfect Binding
Book Size: 5.5x8.5x0.30
Category: Bible Study
Topic: Genesis, John
Page Count: 152
Publisher: Everyday Publications Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-0-88873-089-3
Item Code:  089
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The first word in the first book of the Bible is rightly translated, "In the beginning." and most modern versions have not tried to change it. The book of Genesis goes on to tell what God did after creating the world.

The gospel of John starts with the same phrase and asserts that the Word existed at that time.

Mr. E.L. Lovering brings these two books together in this lovely devotional study.

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An honors graduate in Physics, Mr. Lovering taught this subject in British secondary schools, later serving as principal until his retirement. More…

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