Thessalonians: Jesus is Coming Again

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The two letters to the Thessalonians contain truths about the rapture and the appearance of Christ found in no other book in the New Testament.
By Robert Henry Sykes

Thessalonians: Jesus is Coming AgainTitle: Thessalonians: Jesus is Coming Again
Author: R. Sykes
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ISBN-13: 978-0-88873-069-5
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The letters to the Thessalonians are among the earliest of Paul's epistles. They were written just a few weeks after Paul had been in Thessalonica and show how much Paul and the new believers loved each other, and also their love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul had taught them about the Lord's return but in the two letters he gave them more details. These two letters contain truth about the rapture and the appearance of Christ found in no other book of the New Testament.

No wonder the author, Robert Henry Sykes, uses this great promise for the sub-title: Jesus is Coming Again.

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Robert Henry Sykes and his wife Wilma served the Lord in Angola.  More…

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