EPI Thank You Letters!!

The daily mail brings letters from various places around the world. Requests are received in strange handwriting and often in a language that we do not understand. Some write to tell us that they have found peace with God in reading an EPI book. Others tell us that they have been blessed and encouraged. Some Christian workers in isolated areas share with us that an EPI book has reached them in time to help with a Bible study they were giving to simple believers in their care.

One missionary in South America wrote to tell us that some Spanish EPI books had arrived in time to help with a very sticky doctrinal problem that could have caused widespread divisions among local believers.

Letters are received as well from national believers requesting more books. Each month a number of packages containing from three to five books per package are sent as Free Literature in response to these requests from believers in third world areas.


Just a note to say a million thanks for all the courses and books that arrived in perfect condition and are such a tremendous blessing. May the Lord reward all your efforts and faithful work and ministries to others.

If it's possible, we'd like to ask for some more books... Thanks for all your encouragement and help.


(refugee camp) After meeting this morning ... we gave out to well over 1,200 adults, mostly Everyday Publications and SGM booklets. Books received by container: I have just found the two boxes of Portuguese books that you sent last year. I will make use of these now, making a set for the two men who will be coming to Sakeji, sending the gospel booklets to men's wards at hospital and trying to get some out to the army.


The EPI courses we ordered... have arrived safely. Your kindness in sending them DONATION is greatly appreciated. It will enable many more to study these helpful Bible courses. Many more are asking to study Bible courses, showing their deep desire to get spiritual help in the suffering and hardships that continue to increase in the country. We are so glad to have this source of helping them to know the Saviour and the rich blessings in Him.