D.R. Congo Container IV: Bibles & Hymnbooks

    • Pray for the 230 Assemblies that will be receiving Bibles
    • Pray for North DR. Congo as they have been plagued with fighting over many years.

      D.R. Congo Container III: Bibles

    • Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of the Swahili Bible Container in the DR. Congo. Pray as those who hold Gods word will read it daily.
    • Please pray also for Godís wisdom and provision regarding future printings of this Bible.

      D.R. Congo Container II: Swahili Books, Hymnbooks & French Books

    • Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of the Congo Container II. The container arrived on Wednesday, April 15th, was cleared through Customs, and was in the process of being unloaded by Saturday, April 18th!
    • Pray for those who will read the books, that thy might be encouraged and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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