Bramsen, Paul D.

Over the past quarter-century, Paul Bramsen and his wife have lived, worked and raised their family in a majority-Muslim nation on the edge of the Sahara. Paul's writings flow from a passion for the Scriptures and from thousands of dialogues with Muslim friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Paul is also the author of “The Way of Righteousness,” a 100-program chronological radio series, which has been or is being translated into over 70 languages fro broadcast in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
I am a native of Santa Barbara, California. Since a kid I have enjoyed photography and film-making – especially in the great outdoors. My main passions in life, however, are my God, His Word and my family. Since my late teens I have made study of the Holy Scriptures a serious pursuit. I know of nothing more rewarding! God's Word is awesome–and worthy of our full trust! I plan to meditate its pages til my dying day. I love my wife and three kids too. Carol and I are blessed to have three children who have grown into responsible young adults with hearts of love for God and people. We have worked in Senegal, West Africa since 1981. Two of our three children were born there. Senegal is a unique majority-Muslim-nation that grants its people the basic right to choose what they will or will not believe. We consider it a tremendous privilege to be allowed to teach the central message of God's true prophets to any who earnestly desire the knowledge of God and His "so great ! salvation." What a joy has been ours to witness the transformation that has taken place in the hearts and lives of those who have believed!


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