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Approximately two thirds of the books shipped by Everyday Publications are sent as donated books, that is, they are sent free of charge to assembly-commended missionaries and national workers. The remainder of our book sales are heavily discounted to make it as easy as possible for ministries and churches to avail themselves of this tremendous resource. Since only one third of EPI books are actually sold, the remainder of our costs are met as the Lord provides though the generosity of His people. Gifts may be sent via Christian Missions in Many Lands (USA), Missionary Service Committee (Canada), Echoes of Service (UK) or directly to the EPI office in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Donations can also be made using VISA/MasterCard by clicking More…. All gifts greater than $10 are acknowledged with a letter of thanks and an official receipt.

Everyday Publications Inc. does not believe in soliciting funds in any way, shape, or form. We also do not believe in making needs known except in response to specific, individual requests. The information on the following page is intended for those who have first committed themselves to pray for this ministry and those who labor therein and then have been exercised, by the Lord, to contribute financially to the Lord's work at Everyday Publications. More…

Memorial Gifts

We praise the Lord for His faithfulness and for the generosity of His dear people who share with us the burden of sending books without charge to commended missionaries and national workers in less favored areas of the world. Especially encouraging are those gifts that are received with a Memorial Card. These attractive cards (free upon request from EPI) are sent to us with a gift kindly sent in memory of a departed loved one. What better way to honor their memory than to enable them to continue working in the Lord's vineyard, enabling good books about the Bible to be sent to hungry believers around the world.


Some wish to include Everyday Publications in their will. This ministry has greatly benefited from the receipt of bequests. For those interested in remembering this work in their wills, the following example is submitted for your consideration, subject to acceptance by your attorney:

"I give, devise and bequeath the sum of $..................... to

Everyday Publications Inc.
310 Killaly Street West
Port Colborne ON L3K 6A6"

Commended Workers

Staff at Everyday Publications are commended workers, sent out by their local assembly, looking to the Lord alone for the provision of their personal needs. Gifts to these individuals can be given through Christian Missions in Many Lands (USA), Missionary Service Committee (Canada), Echoes of Service (UK), or through the EPI office. Please note that all gifts designated for commended workers given through Everyday Publications are, by law, subject to income tax, CPP, and EI tax withholding. Additionally, designated gifts for workers commended from the USA received via MSC are also subject to Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) tax withholding regulations. All gifts designated for our commended workers will be properly receipted and acknowledged.


Some gifts are received that are designated to be used for a particular project or need, for example, the recent container sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Funds so designated will be used as designated unless the expenses for that project or need have been fully met. In those cases, the funds will be considered freely available to be used where most needed. Current projects undertaken by EPI include:

Congo Swahili Bible Everyday Publications co-founder Gertrud Harlow has just finished a complete revision and retype-setting of the Congo Swahili Bible. Gertrud was one of the original translation team that produced the first Congo Swahili Bible published in 1960. Everyday Publications has undertaken the responsibility of publishing and distributing this much-needed work. Many of the believers in Congo have lost their Christian books and Bibles in the fighting that has plagued that country in recent years. Please call Mark Beach at (905) 834-5552 or email at markdbeach[at] for more information.

People of EPI

EPI Staff

The Lord has called works and vounteers to serve at EPI. More…

EPI Authors

The Lord has led authors from all over the world to write books to see the saints grow through EPI. More…

EPI Board

EPI has a board who love the Lord and seek to look for His leading and will. More…


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