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New Title     December 2011

Elders ShopNotes and Everyday Publications are pleased to announce the publication of Elders ShopNotes: A Collection of Essays - Volume 1: Biblical Foundations for Eldership. This is the first of a planned five-volume series of the popular Elders ShopNotes newsletter in book format. Subsequent volumes in this project will be published soon as:

Elder Shopnotes

  • Vol. 2 - Elder & Leadership Qualifications
  • Vol. 3 - Leadership Principles
  • Vol. 4 - Practical Ministry of Elders
  • Vol. 5 - Elders Wives Corner

  • Elders ShopNotes began as an outgrowth of a series of biblical eldership seminars that were conducted over a period of years in various places. While the seminars provided solid biblical teaching, many elders expressed a need for practical training on the "how to's". For example, how to visit someone who is sick, how to conduct a funeral, etc. The result was the popular bi-monthly newsletter, now in book form!

    Everyday Projects!     December 2011

    KenyaThe five 20-foot containers of Congo Swahili Bibles & hymnbooks arrived in the port of Mombasa, Kenya early this month and are waiting to begin their long overland journey to their final destinations in the DR Congo. However, there is a problem with the shipping documents generated by the printer in China that is keeping the containers from leaving Mombasa.  Please continue to pray for the Lord's hand of protection would be on this precious cargo as the containers are transferred from one shipping company to another, clear Customs in three countries as they cross three international borders!.

    Best Seller

    Food for New Believers by C. Ernest Tatham

    Food for New Believers always remains a top choice with it's helpful study book. This book comes in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swahili and Chinese. Every human being needs food and water and fresh air. No one can live and grow without these things. This book, Food for New Believers points out some of the truths which the new believer must know. Mr. Tatham fed the children of God for many years.   More…

    EPI Spot Light

    The Old Testament Bible Study Series has been updated. We also have test booklets for the titles below to assist you along your journey through the Old Testament.

    Pray Every Day

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