Everyday Publications Inc. Our Vision

We at Everyday Publications believe that every Christian in every church should understand the truths of Scripture in order to...

  • Know how to worship and serve the Lord and reach out to those who have not yet been evangelized.
  • Remain true to Christ and His Word when false cults are getting stronger.
  • That elders should be able to teach. (1Tim. 3:2).
  • Women should teach younger women. (Titus 2:3,4)
  • Parents should bring up their children in the truth of God's Word. (Eph. 6:4)
  • Young men should have the Word of God living in them. (1John 2:14)
  • Sunday school teachers must know more then they wish to teach.

But before anyone can teach others, he must study the Scriptures himself. EPI books can be of the help in this project.


Statement of Faith

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. More…


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Our Titles

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