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On the current EPI order forms there are a total of 322 titles offered: 117 titles in Everyday English; 73 in Standard English; 30 in French; 21 in Portuguese; 41 in Spanish and 40 in Swahili. Each year sees a number of revisions and new titles added to each language.

Along with the books are a total of 51 test booklets. This means that each of these books can be used as a correspondence course. There are several prison ministries that use EPI Bible study materials along with the test booklets. One fulltime worker in Canada is using Everyday English books as follow-up material in his work among immigrants.

Since the beginning of the work more than two million books have been printed and distributed. Each book has the potential for being a blessing to several people. In third world countries, books are read, shared and then passed on to family members, friends or colleagues at school. We thank the Lord for the potential of each silent little messenger of truth. But we realize that in the last 40 years that EPI has been serving the Lord with this printed page ministry, the world population has grown by more than 2 billion 500 million souls. Our contribution seems like such a small drop in this vast bucket of need. Yet our prayer is that the Lord may multiply the blessings to thousands as He did with the few loaves and fishes from the lunch of a young lad who was willing to surrender them to the hands of the Master.

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As the Lord provides finances EPI books are printed in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili. Whenever possible orders of Swahili and French titles are sent free of charge by containers to commended missionaries and national workers in the D.R. Congo and other 3rd world countries. Books in easy-to-read Everyday English are sent to commended missionaries in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and Zambia. Thousands of books with test booklets in Everyday English have been sent to prison ministries in the U.S. and Canada. Several correspondence ministries use the EPI books in English. Many missionaries in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean islands use the Spanish books and test booklets. Missionaries from Angola, Mozambique and Brazil use the Portuguese materials. Some of the Everyday English books and tests are even used by a correspondence ministry in Pakistan.

EPI books have literally been sent to almost every country and continent on the globe. We have had requests from students of the Word from Cuba to Siberia. Books have been sent to the islands of the sea: the Virgin Islands, the Canary Islands, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.


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