D.R. Congo Container II:
Swahili Books, Hymnbooks & French Books:

The D. R. Congo Container II is on its way! It was a cold and blustery morning here in Port Colborne, January 5, 2009. But while our hands were cold, our hearts were ablaze with the thrill of seeing that massive crane lift that 17,330 kg. (37,986 lb.) container filled with 97,929 French and Swahili books onto a flat-bed truck for the first leg of a long-awaited journey. This is the Lordís doing and it is marvelous in our eyes! Join us in praise and thanksgiving for His wisdom and enabling in the filling, and now shipping, of this second container. Pray along with us for journey mercies for the container, for a quick and duty-free clearance through Customs in the D. R. Congo, and for multiplied blessings as the books are distributed.

  • Praise the Lord for His removing of the obstacles that were hindering the containerís departure. In December we received the information necessary to complete the shipping arrangements for the container on the last leg of its journey from Kampala, Uganda to Bunia, D. R. Congo.
  • Praise the Lord for the skilled crane operator and truck driver He brought to lift the container onto the flat-bed truck for its carriage to the railhead at Brampton, Ontario
  • Pray for safety for the container for each stage of its journey. The itinerary of the container is as follows:
    • Port Colborne to Brampton, ON by truck
    • Brampton, ON to Montreal by train
    • Montreal to Antwerp, Belgium by ship
    • Antwerp to Salalah, Oman by ship
    • Salalah to Mombasa, Kenya by ship
    • Mombasa to Kampala, Uganda by truck
    • Kampala to Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo by truck.
  • Pray that the container would clear Customs quickly and duty-free when it arrives in Congo
  • Pray for Godís wisdom and enabling for those who will be responsible for the distribution of the books.
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  • Updates

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    D. R. Congo Container II is on its way! It was a cold and blustery morning here in Port Colborne, January 5, 2009. More…

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