EPI Board

We thank the Lord for these godly people, willing to give their time and skills to help forward the ministry of Everyday Publications.

Meetings of the board members are held twice a year, at six month intervals. At such times business practices and polices are made and the activities of the past year reviewed. A report of all financial transactions is made to the board by the treasurer as well as by the Executive Director.

Current EPI Board

  • Mr. Donald MacMullen - President
  • Mr. Stephen Adams - Vice-President
  • Mr. Brendan McIntyre - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Gertrud Harlow - Director Emeritus
  • Mr. Nathan Griffiths - Director
  • Mr. Ron Gee - Director
  • Mr. Bill Letkeman - Director

People of EPI

EPI Staff

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EPI Authors

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EPI Board

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EPI Financial Policy

The information on the following page is intended for those who have first committed themselves to pray for this ministry and those who labor therein and then have been exercised, by the Lord, to contribute financially to the Lord's work at Everyday Publications. More…


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